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Apothecarry Indo-Lifestyle brand designs and sells high quality, high end herb & tobacco accouterments for the discriminating connoisseur. Our goal is to provide products and systems that help make imbibing easier, safer and more reliable than ever before, which allows our customer to get the best smoking experience possible.

Founded in 2015 by a Michigan State University graduate, Los Angeles-based Apothecarry was created with the idea of elevating both the quality and experience of smoking by developing high quality organizational systems, accouterment and accessories. Our goal is to develop a high-class, stunning and technologically advanced product line that serves to completely redefine the smoking experience, keeping products fresh, arranged, secure and of finest quality. Our goods are not only discreet and practical, but offer the luxury and class that the proud modern smoker demands.

Apothecarry was started by a 36 year old tv executive and mother who never saw herself as a “smoker.” Raised in the age of Nancy Reagan and just say no who never touched smoked anything until her senior year of college. After being diagnosed with anxiety, she extensively researched the benefits of smoking, shook off the years of stigma and decided to try it. As her knowledge of herb expanded, she became a proponent, but still didn’t identify with prevailing culture perpetuated in the media, nor the goods dripping with bikini clad women targeted at them.

“If my liquor is in my bar, my cigars are in my humidor, and my wine is in wine fridge, why the heck is my herb in a shoebox in the closet?!”
After meeting so many like minded users, who lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids and pets and who were tired of searching around for their stash to discover it dried out from plastic baggies and non-airtight dispensary jars, Apothecarry was born. Our mission now is to redefine the image of users who take pride and pleasure in their stash, while filling a hole in the ancillary market for everyone from the attorneys who toke after their high powered workday, to the “stiletto stoners” who are hosting ladies night, to the seniors using medication for health benefits and everyone in between who demands the best in all things. We take pride in representing the millions of men and women across the country who take pride in working hard, raising families, and enjoying a good toke.

In the “good old days” an Apothecary was a medical professional who formulated and dispensed materia medica to physicians, surgeons and patients. The apothecaries' investigation of herbal and chemical ingredients was a precursor to the modern sciences of chemistry and pharmacology and often carried his wares around in a case.

Much like the apothecary professional of old, herb has grown up. Gone are the days that smoking was linked to stoner culture, teen boys basements and hippies. With legalization and more medical research than ever before, the profile of users is changing from something elicit to something to be enjoyed. As specific strains gain popularity, consumers are now more focused than ever on the quality of their buds -- taking pride in a good “stash” in the same way one may pull out a fine single malt scotch or a Cuban cigar. They demand the best smoking experience, and life experiences. With the Apothecarry Case, that’s exactly what they will get. High style and high quality goods designed with the upscale smoker in mind.

The Apothecarry case is the natural next step in the evolution of imbibing. A high end luxury case made to keep plant at its freshest and most optimum conditions, whether you medicate daily, socially, or only on special occasions. It also guarantees that your plant and tobacco are safe, secure, organized, easy to find, and most important, surrounded by top quality tools meant to bring out their best. The result is an upscale smoking experience that the lifestyle is all about -- not settling for anything less than the best.
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