Q: How do I set a new combination on my Generation 1 black Apothecarry Case lock?

A: Your Apothecarry case will ship with a key & combination lock. You can use either the key, or 4-digit combination to access your locked case. When it arrives the combination will be set to 0-0-0-0. If you would like to specify a new combination, please do the following:

  1. Open the box, then turn the lock dial to the locked position (with the silver lock arm sticking up)
  1. On the back on the lock, move the small switch from the 1 position to the 2/3 position
  1. Open the box, then turn the lock dial to the open position (the arm should now be parallel to the box)
  1. Change the code to your desired new code
  1. Close the box, and lock it. Your new combination is now in effect.
Q: How do I know when its time to change my Boveda pack?

A: When the pack is hard and has very few soft spots, its time to remove and replace.

Q: My jar tops are super snug... what's up with that?!

A: We made the jar seals snug to maintain the seal and protect your herb.  The easiest way to open and close them is with by twisting as you open and close -- not pulling, as it acts as a vacuum... Voila!

Q: I have additional questions -- Do you offer phone support?

A: No, Apothecarry doesn't offer phone support, but we do offer email support for any issues.  Please contact us at dontjustsmoke@theapothecarrycase.com.  Please allow 24-48hr for a response. 

Q: Is there any warranty on your cases?

A: We offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty